Kingly kebabs, terrific tea, and hallowed history in Turkey!

No matter what happens, economically, politically, pandemically, Turkey is always in the top 10 most visited countries!

Destinations like Istanbul and its fabulous Hagia Sophia, Pamukkale and its puffy calcium clouds, Ephesus, Myra (the birthplace of Santa Claus), Antalya and many others bring in as many international tourists as European hotspots like Rome, Paris, and Prague.

Venture further in Eastern Turkey and you’ll find a different world, one more authentic and more oriental.

Turkey is a land packed with so much history, but I must say that the two best things about backpacking there are the hospitable people and the delicious food.

Backpacking profile

Does Revolut work?Yes
Cash or card?Cash
Public transportVery good
HitchhikingVery easy
AccommodationHostels, hotels
Other backpackersMany
Days needed10-30
Best time to travelApril, May, June, September, October, November
Locals speaking EnglishSome
Main languagesTurkish

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