Because walking can only get you so far

Don’t get me wrong – I love walking! While traveling, I walk an average of 15 km per day. Between cities though… you have to use a bus, train or plane.

So if you’re one of those ultramarathon runners, go check out some of my most fun moments, this page is not for you. For everyone else, I’ve curated a list of the apps I use while traveling around the world. Have a look.

Europe, US, Canada


  • Omio is my go-to platform for booking train tickets in Europe. They also cover the US and Canada, and have flights, buses, and ferries too.
  • RailEurope is another alternative with an easy search engine and handy route finder.


  • Omio is quite good in the buses category too.
  • Busbud offers an unprecedented array of routes and companies in many regions of the world. Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Flixbus – low cost, extensive network all across Europe and the US.

Southeast Asia

Allow me to be an expert on traveling in Southeast Asia – it’s my favorite region in the world and the one I’ve most extensively explored. Here are my top apps and websites to use for transport in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc.

Trains, buses, ferries

  • Nothing beats the availability and variety of operators 12Go have on their website. Unless it’s a very small regional minibus in rural Laos, if it’s not on 12Go, then it doesn’t run.
  • Easybook is the other big player in the region. It has almost as many routes and companies, maybe even more than its competitors for Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Ridesharing apps

  • Grab is the regional equivalent of Uber. Cheap, fast, reliable, and with a ton of promotions all the time.
  • Gojek operates in fewer countries but usually has slightly lower prices. All in all, it’s on par with Grab.
  • The Russian taxi company Maxim has recently entered the Indonesian markets and its rates are lower than both Grab and Gojek. Maybe more countries in the future, who knows?

As you might have noticed, this page doesn’t include flights. To find out what apps and websites I use to find cheap tickets, check out my flight tips.