Unless you’re extremely worried about carbon emissions…

If you’ve pledged not to fly – kudos! Our kids will thank you for having a livable planet.

Otherwise, check my favorite apps and websites to find the cheapest flight tickets.

I honestly don’t think anything can beat the usefulness of Google Flights. It’s just so handy!

There’s the basic flight search where you find flights from point A to point B, but my reason for loving it is the “Explore” function.

Cheap flights are easy to find with Google Flights' Explore option
Cheap flights from Singapore

Take the screenshot above. I’ve asked Google to fetch me cheap flights originating from Singapore in June. From there you can add more filters like only non-stop flights, precise destinations, or a price limit.

Zoom out and the map will adjust to show you longer flights.

Zoom in and you’ll see more regional flights.

Click on a flight to find out which companies fly the route and how the price has changed in the past few weeks.

For flexible backpackers:

Pick your desired destination as the departing airport to see which routes are cheapest. Then proceed to plan your trip backwards.

Other Flight Search Sites

Probably the most recognizable flight aggregation website.

It’s easy to use, has a ton of options, and allows you to book directly with them, sometimes cheaper than with the airline.

Skyscanner also has the Explore function, making it easier than ever to find cheap flight deals.

I very much recommend Kiwi’s Nomad function.

It allows you to add multiple destinations and watch as the algorithm shuffles all the possible ways you can get there and between them.

It’s a handy tool for research and direct booking.

This innovative flight search engine finds you the best flight deals and gives you cashback. And who doesn’t like cashback?

10% off WayAway Plus with the link in the title.

This trick is so smart that United Airlines tried to sue the 22-year-old founder of the company…and their case got thrown out of court.

Skiplagged is about booking a layover flight and getting off at the mid-stop. Why? Because that would be your desired destination to begin with and it’s cheaper than flying a direct route. Don’t ask me how it works, flights are complicated. The important thing is that it does.

There are a few caveats: fly only carry on, book only a one-way ticket, and don’t overdo it. Definitely get to know how it works before using it. More details here.

Flight Compensation

I’ll be honest – in over 130 flights, I’ve never had a flight cancellation or a delay that was over 3 hours. My luggage always got delivered too.

I consider myself incredibly lucky when it comes to flights.

But problems do happen and the aviation industry is serious about it. At least in the EU, EEA, and UK, if your flight is delayed, you’re refused boarding or there’s a flight cancellation, you’re entitled to compensation.

Getting the compensation is no easy task, but some companies specialize in that and will help for a small commission of the recovered amount.

Very simple to use! You can check if you’re eligible for compensation in less than 2 minutes, then proceed with your claim. They are also quick and efficient with getting you your money.

It’s the other big player on the market for flight compensation. Works in pretty much the same way – check if you’re eligible, then submit and wait. They take care of everything else.