Nobody likes bank & ATM fees. Don’t pay them.

You can’t carry all the cash you need while traveling full-time.

However, using your bank card comes with expensive foreign currency exchange fees and ATM withdrawal fees. Say hello to the Fintech Industry.

I pay very little in fees because I use Revolut, Monese, Curve, and Wise.

Other travelers also use N26, Starling, Vivid, and others. In most cases, any of these is better than a standard old-school bank.

Revolut is practically my bank at this point. They even have a bank license, so you’re covered up to 100,000 euros.

I use the free plan which has up to 230 euros free in monthly withdrawals. Paid plans come with various perks and could be worth it depending on your profile.

Monese is my backup banking app. It’s very similar to Revolut in the value it offers. The Classic Plan is affordable and offers up to 900 euros fee-free ATM withdrawals!

Since my Revolut card is a Visa and my Monese is a Mastercard, I’m covered for all the capricious ATMs.

Curve is an app that combines all of your existing cards into 1.

You can link any card to Curve and get charged in its local currency.

I use it as a backup card for when one of the other two gets declined for some reason.