You’re going where?!

Iraqi Kurdistan is so safe actually! But explain that to your mother… impossible.

I was a bit iffy about going there too. Years of reading about Iraq being one of the most dangerous places on Earth had brainwashed me.

Deep down I knew it was exaggerated and my inner urge to explore won over me.

I found out that Iraqi Kurdistan is a fascinating region. It’s picturesque, scenic, and even lush in spring! Who would’ve thought?

What I liked the most was the people! Kurdish people are truly one of the most hospitable bunch in the world. Not only did I feel safe, I felt welcome and taken care of.

Visit Iraqi Kurdistan!

Backpacking profile

Does Revolut work?Yes, but iffy
ATM with no feesNone
Cash or card?Cash
Public transportPoor
HitchhikingVery easy
Other backpackersVery few
Days needed7-15
Best time to travelApril, May, October, November
Locals speaking EnglishVery few
Main languagesKurdish, Arabic

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