You’re going where?!

Iraqi Kurdistan is so safe actually! But explain that to your mother… impossible.

I was a bit iffy about going there at all too. Years of reading about Iraq being one of the most dangerous places on Earth had brainwashed me.

Deep down I knew it was exaggerated and my inner urge to explore took precedence.

I found out that Iraqi Kurdistan is a fascinating region. It’s picturesque, scenic, and even lush in spring! Who would’ve thought?

What I liked the most was the people! Kurdish people are truly one of the most hospitable bunch in the world. Not only did I feel safe, I felt welcome and taken care of.

Visit Iraqi Kurdistan!

Backpacking profile

Does Revolut work?No
Cash or card?Cash
Public transportPoor
HitchhikingVery easy
Other backpackersVery few
Days needed7-15
Best time to travelApril, May, October, November
Locals speaking EnglishVery few
Main languagesKurdish, Arabic

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