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Having access to the Internet is essential for traveling nowadays. You need internet to:

  • Stay in touch with friends
  • Book accommodation
  • Search the map in real time
  • Access your finance apps
  • Get a taxi through an app
  • Entertainment

You will survive without. I’ve managed without internet in many countries. Many have traveled the world before the advent of the web.

But with data being so cheap nowadays, it just makes life so much easier.

Buy a local SIM

That’s the best advice I can give you. It works best if you have a smartphone with dual sim, so you keep your domestic sim card in just in case (and for those ubiquitous OTP codes).

A local SIM card is simply the cheapest way to have constant access to the internet.

I have bought a local SIM card in over 20 countries, from a simple over-the-counter purchase in Georgia to dodgy street vendors in Uzbekistan.

Here are my top tips for buying a local sim:

  • Buying at the airport is most convenient, but also most expensive.
  • If possible, always buy from an official provider’s office.
  • Ask to have your IMEI registered. It’s mandatory in some countries.
  • You probably don’t need that juicy 100 GB of data. Save some money by buying a smaller pack. 10 GB for a month is plenty of data.
  • Keep the little package that the SIM card comes in. You may need it. Also, your phone number is there.
  • Providers’ statistics on % covered land are usually meaningless, unless you’re going to remote regions.
  • Make sure your internet works before leaving the store. Duh


eSims is a relatively new technology (first released in 2016) that is slowly replacing physical SIM cards.

The premise is simple: instead of inserting a small piece of plastic into your phone, you simply install the required software.

Unfortunately, not all phones support them yet. You can check this list to see if your phone supports eSims.

Being the world’s first eSim store really makes the name Airalo stick. It offers data plans for most countries in all 6 habitable continents.

It’s really simple to use and affordable. What you’re paying in premium over a local sim card, you receive in convenience.

Airalo also offers regional and global eSim covering multiple countries. Now that is awesome for travelers like me, who change countries frequently!

The prices are quite reasonable too!

Example prices:

2 GB for 15 days = 6.50$

10 GB for 30 days = 18$

1 GB for 7 days = 4.50$

10 GB for 30 days = 18$

1 GB for 7 days = 5.00$

10 GB for 30 days = 37$

If your phone doesn’t support an eSim, but you still want a convenient solution that won’t have you scrambling to find a sim card shop in every new country, then my next recommendation is the best for your needs!

Although it offers an eSim, Drimsim’s strength lies in its physical travel sim card.

There are still smartphones out there that don’t support eSims (for example all but the latest Xiaomi phones, older Huaweis, older Oppos, etc.).

Instead of paying for a data plan, with Drimsim you only pay for the data you use.

Yes, if you use a ton of data, your bill will increase considerably. But if you are a moderate data user, then Drimsim is a good choice.

A quick price check: