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top destination of 2023

Timor Leste

Who even visits Timor Leste? Not many, that’s for sure. But I did and let me tell you – it’s an incredible country with a huge potential to become the next Bali. Or more!

But I hope it doesn’t. East Timor’s charm is in its pristine nature, the unspoilt beaches and the incredibly warm and friendly people.

It’s definitely in my top 10 countries in the world!

Hitchhiking in a microlet with some lovely people in Timor Leste

Favourite Places

Svaneti Region

  • Zhabeshi, Georgia

The Dead Aral Sea

  • Muynaq, Uzbekistan

Ha Giang Loop

  • Dong Van, Ha Giang, Vietnam
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My latest moments and guides. I hope they are as entertaining as they are informative!

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My Most Detailed Guide


  • Indonesia

Java island, home to 160 million people doesn’t get enough hype. However, anything you can find on Bali, you can also find on Java and then some!

Java has huge busy cities, ancient temples, cute beaches, exhilarating waterfalls, growling volcanoes, authentic culture and lovely people.

Here’s the best 2-weeks itinerary about places to visit between Jakarta and Bali.

Collage of places on Java
You can buy anything at the Sulaymaniyah Bazaar!
Off-the-beaten path


  • Northeastern Iraq

This place is simply amazing!
The region has all the bad reputation, but is actually pretty safe and the Kurdish people are one of the most welcoming and hospitable in the world!
I gathered all my backpacking knowledge from my two weeks in Iraqi Kurdistan to help fellow backpackers with all the tips on travelling there.

My Life Moto

Collect Moments, Not Things.

Everything I own and need fits within a 70 L backpack. I easily squeeze down to 30 L when I have to.
I just don’t need much.
By volume:

  • 60% Everyday clothes
  • 20% Hiking shoes and a winter jacket
  • 8% Small bag for shorter trips
  • 7% Laptop and accessories
  • 5% Toiletries, meds and documents

I swear I don’t always have such messy hair, my beard isn’t usually so weird, although my hoodie is a goodie.

If you see me wearing the same clothes in pictures from different countries, it’s because as a backpacker these are the only clothes I have.

To Travel Is To Live

Hans Christian Andersen said that and I couldn’t agree more.