How to Apply & Extend Indonesia eVOA + Fix Problems

Indonesia has a visa on arrival that costs 500.000 IDR (~33$). It is a simple and convenient option to enter the country.

But did you know that you can obtain it online, even before you arrive? This is what’s known as the eVoA.

The Indonesia eVOA is simple to apply for, is issued instantly and you can extend it online without a visit to an immigration office.

Unfortunately, the website has seen its fair share of problems after launch. Travelers report errors, failures, and general confusion. I have had a few problems to deal with myself too!

After it got a major overhaul in October 2023, it somehow became even more glitchy. Then in January 2024, Indonesian Immigration added more requirements and options to the online application.

Here, you will read about my experience applying for 5 eVoAs and then extending 4 of them, including the problems I’ve faced. I’ve also added information from countless reports about glitches and solutions concerning the eVoA.

Who is eligible for an Indonesia eVOA or VOA

Passport holders from 93 countries are eligible for Indonesia eVOA online or visa on arrival paid at the airport.

Check the full list of countries.

Indonesia visa requirements map
Green = free VOA, Yellow = paid VOA. Picture by Numberguy6 [CC BY-SA 4.0]

The difference between eVoA and VoA

VoA stands for Visa on Arrival and is exactly what the name suggests – you receive a visa for Indonesia upon your arrival in the country. You will pay for it at the border.

Indonesia eVoA on the other hand can be paid for and received online BEFORE you arrive in the country.

Both are only issued and/or accepted at certain airports, seaports, and land borders. See the full list of eligible borders here. Big airports like Jakarta, Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Makassar, and Lombok are on the list and so are some land borders, for example, the Mota’ain border with Timor Leste.

The VoA and eVoA are equivalent permits and allow you to stay in Indonesia for 30 days, extendable once for another 30 days. Any entry into Indonesia is subject to an immigration check and potentially a few simple questions.

Indonesia eVOA pdf
The eVOA PDF you receive as confirmation

The two main differences between the VOA and eVOA are:

  • You can proceed directly to immigration with an eVOA. With VOA you must queue to pay for your visa first, then proceed to the immigration desks;
  • You can extend eVOA online in less than 5 minutes. VOA received after landing can only be extended in person with 3 visits to the closest immigration department or with the paid help of an agency and 1 visit to immigration.

Official website to apply for an eVOA for Indonesia

There are two official, reputable, and trusted websites to get your Indonesian eVOA:

They are identical and both belong to the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration. You can use the same account for both.

There are so many travel agents, visa agents, Bali agents, etc agents that claim to help or facilitate visas for Indonesia.

They will either charge you more (for something you can easily do yourself) or even worse – steal your sensitive identity data and do who-knows-what with it (okay, probably not, but why risk it?).

I’ve only ever used Molina for my applications. It works, although there are glitches (more on that later).

How to apply for Indonesian eVOA online

If you’re reading this section, I will assume you qualify for a Visa on Arrival for Indonesia and want to get it online from the Molina website (or Evisa Imigrasi) before your flight (or ferry, or even bus from Dili to Kupang).

Step 1: Register an account in Molina/Evisa

Many people skip this step and then run into problems accessing their visa confirmation or extending it onshore.

Register first, then make an application! (EDIT February 2024: It’s no longer necessary to make an account, although I still recommend it as you never know when they will change the system again)

This is the link to register on Molina. Choose the option “foreigner“, then fill in all information (Personal, Document, Account) on the next screen, click submit, then go back and log in through the big orange button in the top right corner of the main page.

The screen for account registration for the Indonesia eVOA
Register on Molina first – it will make your eVoA experience so much easier

Step 2: Make a new visa application

After signing in with your account, navigate to “SERVICES” and pick “E-Visa”. You can also find use the button “Apply” on the home page regardless if you’re logged in or not.

Screen to apply for the eVoA
  • Then select the country where your passport is from;
  • Select your purpose to visit Indonesia. If you’re going as a tourist, pick “General, Family or Social“;
  • Select a sub-purpose for your visit: Tourism, family visit, transit;
  • Select “Visa on Arrival 30 Days”;
  • On “I’m planning to stay” the only option is 30 days. Don’t worry, you can extend it later to up to 60 in total;

If Molina loads the visa suggestion as “Type of Visa B1“, you’ve done it correctly.

Finding the appropriate visa
Here it says Visa B213, which is the old code for the eVoA (now B1)
  • Click “Detail & Apply”;
  • Scan the requirements and conditions;
  • Click “Apply”.

If you get “INTERNAL SERVER ERROR 500” or similar, just try again. The Molina website is known to spit out errors all the time. Wait a few minutes and restart. Sometimes getting the eVoA is super easy, but sometimes it’s an annoying hassle.

Step 3: Personal Information

On the next screen, you’ll have to upload your passport bio page and a face picture. A few things to note:

  • Keep your passport pic as small as possible but clear and without glare; Compress it down to under 200 kb;
  • Carefully follow the requirements for the face picture.

Step 4: Form Application

The system will automatically read the MRZ from your passport and populate most of the information.

Important: Double-check EVERYTHING. Sometimes the automatic information is wrong. It’s ALWAYS WRONG for the passport’s date of issue (it puts the current date instead).

Step 5: Attach Onward Flight

That’s a new step as of January 2024. You are now required to attach a PDF of your return or onward flight out of Indonesia.

Thankfully, the eVoA remains completely automated, which means that you can submit any ticket and you will be approved no matter what. Nobody checks the applications, the actual checks happen at flight check-in and immigration.

This means that you can attach an onward ticket for up to 60 days after the date of entry if you intend to extend the eVoA. If prompted at check-in or immigration, explain that you will extend – they know about that option and will accept your ticket.

Step 5: Validation and Submit

Before the October 2023 overhaul of the online portal, I never had any problems with the eVoA.

Then in December 2023, I kept trying to submit only to get hit with the dreaded HTTP 500 Error. Five times in a row.

I gave up and went to sleep. Tried again the next day. Same error twice.

Then the following day it finally worked and the application was submitted.

But now what, I hadn’t paid for it!?

Step 6: Retrieve the eVisa

After submitting your application the portal just does nothing. But you’re not finished.

Go back to the home screen of the Molina portal and click ‘Retrieve E-visa”.

Home screen of Molina website
Edit: the button now reads “Extend My Visa” but brings you to the same page.

Alternatively, navigate directly to this link for “find batch”.

Input your passport number, nationality, and date of birth.

Find batch application screen
Ignore the fact that it says “batch visit”.

You should now be able to see your application. And if you got many Error 500s like me, also see all the draft applications there too.

Failed "draft" applications for the evoa
All my failed applications here

Pick your application (or the most recent one) and follow the procedure. You should be able to pay this way. Do the payment within 2 hours after you submit the application.

Note: Your card must support 3D Secure payments (aka 3DS or 3D Secure System). Revolut does and works fine for eVoA payments. Learn more about what personal finance apps I use.

The Indonesia eVoA costs 500.000 IDR (~33$) and you will pay 19.500 IDR (~1.3$) as a card transaction fee.

In total, the eVOA payment screen will show 519.500 IDR.

The payment screen on Molina Indonesian eVOA website showing a timer for 2 hours and the cost at 500.000 IDR.
Pay within 2 hours of submitting your application otherwise it’s void and you have to start over! The card payment fee of 19.500 IDR is added on the next screen.

Yes, this means that the VOA at the airport is slightly cheaper, but considering you might end up paying in a different currency (at an unfavorable rate), you might have to extend via the lengthy in-person procedure and you could end up waiting in queue for up to an hour to pay for the VOA (especially at Bali’s Denpasar Airport), the eVOA is a bargain.

Download the receipt at the end just in case there are technical issues with your eVOA.

Step 7: Receive eVoA on your email and save it

Shortly after you pay, you should receive a confirmation of the payment. In a separate email, you should receive the eVoA in a pdf. Download it on your phone and you’re good to go.

You don’t need to print out the Indonesia eVoA. Simply show the PDF file at immigration.

How long does getting an eVOA take?

Once you pay, eVOA is issued immediately.

The system in place does not include any human verification and is fully automated. Think of it more like a payment portal for the entry permit (stamp) you will receive at the border.

It’s quite different to how, say, the Vietnam e-visa works where your application is checked and approved before you get your visa.

If you follow all the steps correctly, Indonesia eVoA is instant. You can even do it an hour before your flight (not that I recommend that).

How to extend the eVoA

Extending eVoA is simple, and takes less than 5 minutes and a few clicks on the Molina website.

Make sure you extend your eVoA at least a week before its date of expiry. This way if there are any unsolvable issues you can go to an immigration office and salvage the situation.

Note that you cannot extend the eVoA before you enter Indonesia! Upon entry, the immigration officer will register your eVoA in the system and you should receive an automated email from “DIREKTORAT JENDERAL IMIGRASI REPUBLIK INDONESIA” with your “Stay Permit” confirmation.

Only then will you be able to extend it. I suspect many officers don’t register this properly and this is why many travelers are unable to find their eVoA on the system and extend. As time goes by, this should be less and less of an issue.

Step 1: Log in to your account on Molina.

That’s why it was important to register an account, even though Molina says it’s not necessary. Yeah, it isn’t, until you want to extend it, then it most certainly is.

If you didn’t sign up for an account, do so now. It’s easier, especially if you intend to ever get another eVOA online.

Edit February 2024: You no longer need an account to extend. You don’t need to be logged in to do the next steps. If you’re logged in, you will NOT see the eVoA in the “Extend” section.

Step 2: PANIC because you don’t see your application in the EXTEND section

Step 3: Go back to the home screen and retrieve the eVoA

Follow the same procedure as when you had to pay.

Go back to the home screen of Molina (or directly to this ‘find batch’ link), click “Extend My Visa”, fill in your info, and see the applications you have made.

Pick the ACTIVE ONE. This is the one that has a green “PAID” note next to it.

A list of applications for the Indonesian eVoA

Once there, the process becomes straightforward.

  • Fill in the information required;
  • Pay! It’s 519.500 IDR too.
  • Receive PDF confirmation on your email;

It’s so simple actually. No need to visit the immigration and no need to pay an agent to do it for you.

Common problems with the Indonesian eVOA

The reason I wrote this guide is because I read countless questions and complaints about it daily from fellow travelers struggling to make it work.

I’ve had problems with it too, but have always been able to fix them and eventually get the visa. Let’s look at the most commonly experienced problems and what you can do to fix them.

HTTP 500 internal server error

This error means that there’s a problem with the server. Not yours, the website’s. There is a long list of potential reasons, but we don’t care about it, we just want our eVoAs!!!

Unfortunately, this is not within your control. If you get this error, the best you can do is:

  • Clear your cache and cookies and refresh the page;
  • Try a different browser;
  • Try using a VPN;
  • Try a different network (e.g. switch from wifi to mobile data);
  • Try with a different device type (e.g. smartphone instead of PC)
  • Go get coffee and try again later.

That’s about it. I’ve had this error pop up for me trying to complete the Indonesian eVOA journey and it always fixes eventually. Just try again later.

500 Internal Server Error
Yup, it’s happened to me too!

I don’t see where to pay

I didn’t either for a while and I scratched my head figuring it out.

You have to go to the home screen and retrieve your application. After you click on “details” it will allow you to pay. Then you’re good to go!

I don’t see my application in the Extend Section

You don’t and nobody else does because the Molina website is bad.

Instead, go to the homepage and click on the button “Extend My Visa”. Then follow the procedure. It’s explained in detail in the “How to Extend” section of this article.

Status stuck at “waiting for payment”

The reason for this is unknown. All you can do is start a fresh application and pay immediately after you submit it. There is no penalty for having an unpaid application.

Passport not accepted

If when trying to create a new account you get the error that your passport picture is invalid, it’s probably two possible reasons:

  • Your passport picture is too large;
  • Your passport picture is in a format that’s not accepted.

There’s a hidden size limit of 200 kb for passport pictures on Molina. If your picture is bigger than that, resize and compress your image.

Make sure you use a JPG file format. This one is definitely accepted for the Indonesian eVOA.

Do you need to complete biometrics to extend eVOA?

When extending your VOA, you will make at least 1 visit to immigration (if done with an agent, independently it’s 3) where they will take down your biometrics.

If you’re extending an eVOA online, you don’t need to do this. You don’t need to visit an immigration office at all if you extend online.

Other documents needed to enter Indonesia

Apart from a visa, when entering Indonesia you also officially need:

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months;
  • Return or onward ticket;
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Indonesia;

In reality, the passport requirement is strictly mandatory (it’s unlikely you’ll even be allowed to board your flight), the onward ticket is enforced only 50% of the time (but then stubbornly required despite objections) and the proof of funds is never asked for.

Since June 2023, there are no longer any COVID-related entry requirements for Indonesia.

What happens if you don’t extend and overstay?

Overstaying a visa is one of the worst things you can do as a traveler. It can potentially lead to massive problems and a lot of headaches.

The penalty is 1.000.000 IDR (~65$) per day per day of overstay. This is up to 60 days. It is unclear what happens if you overstay longer than 60 days but we can assume nothing good.

Immigration will NOT care about technical issues with the Molina website. You cannot use this excuse.

If for some reason you cannot extend online, go in person to the nearest Kantor Imigrasi or leave the country and reenter.

My experience with eVOA for Indonesia

Honestly, what an absolutely massive time-saver the eVOA has been! I’ve entered Indonesia 5 times on an eVOA and every time it’s been easy at the border.

The first 4 times I didn’t have any problems whatsoever. Neither with the application nor with the extension.

The last time I did it I couldn’t get past the Error 500s until I tried once more the day after. Then I couldn’t figure out where the extension button was for hours until I found the “retrieve” option on the home screen. Talk about a user-unfriendly experience!

If you’re experiencing problems with the eVOA application or extension, write a comment below or send me a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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And if you’ve made up your mind to visit Java, then this is my ultimate 14-day Java itinerary.

Have an awesome trip!


  1. I don’t get a ‘Make a Payment’ option (the ‘big blue button’). The only thing I see is a ‘Waiting for payment’ status.

    1. Try to retrieve the eVoA from the homepage. Then a payment button should appear. That’s what worked for me on my last extension (January 2024).

      1. Lauren Adkisson says:

        I saw the little extend button when I put in my information for the “batch visit” but when I put in my sons information it just shows “e-visa” with no button to extend!

  2. Thanks for this Simon, it’s very helpful

  3. Good information. Thanks.

    I’ve used the eVOA from the Molina website 6 times in the past year, never had problems extending until this trip. Visa was accepted at CGK, was issued an e-ITK (stay permit) for 30 days via email (so eVOA was valid and accepted), now trying to extend my eVOA but, unlike on previous trips, it does not appear on Molina’s EXTEND page. No data appears on the EXTEND page. I’ve been trying to contact various immigration numbers/live chats/WhatsApp chats to no avail. Trying to save myself a trip to the immigration office and the subsequent trip to pick up my passport. Everyone seems to just want to punt on this….

    1. Hi there,

      Check if you can retrieve the eVoA from the home page of Molina using the “Retrieve” function. That seems to work for most people (me included).

  4. Hi,
    Trying to extend our EVOA and I have followed all tricks in this blog and others and still cannot get the Extend Button to appear. Any other ideas? Thanks!!

    1. This is what worked for me. I’m afraid I don’t know how to force the Indo Immigration system to properly work. It could be that your eVoA wasn’t registered by the agent properly when you landed, it could be a technical issue with the online portal or something else entirely.
      If you’ve tried multiple times, with VPN, on a different device and at a different time, the only thing left is to visit Imigrasi in person (or try to call them – I have never been able to get in touch, but some travelers report successful communication with them)

  5. Hi Simon,

    Thank you for this guide! I was wondering if the 30-day eVoA can be extended to 60 days immediately after purchasing it?

    1. Hi there Tim,

      No, you cannot extend immediately after getting it.
      As the system currently stands, once you enter, the immigration officer “registers” the eVoA and you should receive an email. Don’t freak out if you don’t receive an email, it prolly still works, but that’s what happened to me when I entered a month and a half ago.

      After you enter Indonesia, extension should be possible via the method mentioned in the article.

  6. As a followup; the answer seems to be: no. I only have the button to download the e-Visa, but not the button to extend it. I assume this will become available after entering the country?

    1. Yes. You should receive an email when you enter Indonesia. After that follow the method described in the guide and you should be able to extend the eVoA.

  7. Timdejong says:

    it also says ‘type of visa: B1’, not B213 as it does on your screenshots.

    1. The pictures are from before they changed the code. I think the change from B213 to B1 happened sometime in January.

  8. Hi, I applied and paid for a 60 day tourist E-VISA (211A) 2 weeks before coming to Indonesia (Lombok). Through no fault of my own and despite repeated unanswered emails and messages they didn’t issue the E-VISA for one month. As a result I had to pay for a 30 day Visa on Arrival at Lombok Airport and enter with that. Does anyone know if i can still say for 60 days based on my E-VISA even though I did not use it to enter?

    1. Hi Cameron,

      It’s unfortunate you didn’t get your 211A in time, but as locals sometimes say “That’s Indo!”

      You CANNOT use the visa without entering with it. In other words, you’re currently in Indonesia on a VoA, which lasts 30 days. You can extend it for another 30, then you must leave.
      If your 211A is now issued, you can THEN use it to reenter Indonesia.
      Basically, think of any visa as “permission to travel” and then any stamp in your passport as the actual “permission to land/enter/stay”.

      I hope that clears it up,

      1. Hi Simon,

        Thanks for quick reply and clarification.

        It really does suck having wasted 1.5 million IDR and now to stay beyond 60 days having to fork out more money and time to fly out and in to country. If they want to charge so much money at least they should have the courtesy to issue the product and to reply to people instead of having us rely on pages like this haha.

        I doubt i’ll have any luck but i’ve now asked them if there is any refund process, especially given they did at least admit fault and apologise when they eventually issued it so late. Don’t suppose you know if it is at all refundable?

        Many Thanks,

        1. True. They aren’t the fastest to process visas. I’ve heard of people applying for a lot more expensive visas and waiting for months without a response. Only after they visited an embassy did they get any help.
          As to the refund, I’m afraid your chances of getting any money back are slim to none.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is great info – I”m having a problem you haven’t answered. I got my visa application information, but there is no extend button under the Action section. Only ‘e-visa’. Do you know how to fix this and find the extend button?

    1. Hi!

      I’m afraid I don’t know why there’s no extend.
      The obvious reason may be that the visa hasn’t been used yet to enter. If the holder is inside Indonesia, my speculation is that the border officer didn’t register it properly. Did you receive an email from Imigrasi after you ENTERED Indonesia (not after the eVoA was granted)?

  10. Is the e-VOA a single-entry visa?
    If my eVOA has not expired and I am intending to visit Indonesia again, would I need to extend / apply for a new eVOA?
    ps: yes I have already went once in November and planning to go again next week.

    1. Yes, the eVoA is single-entry. It expires when you leave the country. Any new entry into Indonesia requires you to have a new visa.

  11. Dear Simon,
    Your article was the only thing that helped me.
    If my EVOA B1 final copy says Passport Issue date as today’s date”20-FEB-2024″ but online history says “11-June-2015” —-what do I do?

    1. You probably confirmed the date without checking. Passport date of expiry always comes out as today’s date in their system for some unknown reason.
      My bet is it won’t be a problem at the border, but I would email immigration to see if they can confirm.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thank you. I just wish they would answer their emails.

  12. I keep getting an Error message that says Account not activated!!! How do I activate?

    1. Should be a link in an email you received. Check your spam folder too.

      If you haven’t, try to make a new account and/or on a different device/VPN.

  13. I’ve already received my EVOA and noticed the passport DATE OF ISSUE was reverted to the application date ? I did email them to notify of error. Will I be able to use this if I don’t get a reply before I travel

    1. My guess is that it should be OK. Since the system automatically does this for everyone, I’m pretty sure you won’t be the first Immigration meet with the same problem.
      Worst case scenario is that you get a VoA at the border. Not a massive deal.

  14. I have experienced many of the problems listed here. My wife’s application for the eVOA went smoothly. I had lots of the Server500 messages until I found the draft folder (which is not visible on all computers/phones). I was rejected twice using the same info as my wife so the process is a lottery. I ultimately had to buy a VOA, so my 30 day visa cost Rp3.5m! I am trying to extend my wife’s eVOA and <two days before it expires no news and nowhere on the Molinari website is showing the application. Welcome to Indonesian bureaucracy! By the way extending my VOA at immigrasi was easy.

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