Watching the Dragon Bridge Fire Show in Da Nang: Fire and Water!


If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you already know what that means. Fire-breathing dragons! Have you ever wanted to see one? Sure, they don’t actually exist (or do they?), but there’s an impressive Dragon Bridge in Da Nang, Vietnam that breathes real fire!

I kid you not, it even spits water to cool you down afterward! Best of all: you can watch the whole Dragon Bridge Fire Show for free every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 21:00!

A fireball during the Dragon Bridge Fire Show

Dragon Bridge Quick Facts

The Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is a 666-meter vehicle and pedestrian bridge over the Han River in the third-biggest city in Vietnam – Da Nang.

Before you start thinking it’s a devil’s bridge, let me set things straight – 6 is a lucky number in Vietnam and therefore 666 meters is not random (nor is it demonic). The bridge also has 6 car lanes for extra prosperity.

The bridge was completed in 2013 and has since symbolized Da Nang’s growth and power. Ever since, a fire and water show has been held twice weekly on Saturday and Sunday and recently also on Fridays making it 3 times per week in 2024.

The Dragon twists around the bridge’s whole length, adorned by over 2500 LED lights making it a spectacular sight after nightfall.

The bridge’s name in Vietnamese is Cầu Rồng and that’s the sure-fire way to find it on Google Maps.

When is the fire show on the Dragon Bridge?

The Dragon Bridge Fire Show is held every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 21:00 sharp. Note that people gather to watch it as early as 19:00 to secure a good spot.

Some of the places get quite packed well before 21:00. If you want the perfect spot, go early.

Dragon Bridge Fire Show
That’s a big fireball!

What is the fire show?

The Dragon Bridge Fire Show starts at exactly 9:00 PM when the Dragon will begin spewing fire from its head (the side towards Tran Hung Dao Street).

Yes, it’s actual fireballs, huge enough that you feel their heat even 100 meters away! Don’t worry, it’s totally safe – the fire only lasts a couple of moments in the sky, and no debris falls.

It belches 9 times, then pauses for a couple of seconds, belches another 9 times, waits a few seconds and belches 9 more. 27 fireballs in total.

A short pause follows and then the dragon’s head starts spraying water. Everyone underneath is completely drenched! If you don’t want to get wet, stay at least 100 meters away from the dragon’s head.

It sprays water 3 times, pauses, 3 more times, another pause, and a final 3 times. That makes 9 times in total.

The whole Dragon Bridge Fire Show lasts about 15 minutes and is quite spectacular! It’s definitely a must-see attraction in Da Nang and considering it’s totally free, why wouldn’t you visit?

Best Places to Watch the Dragon Bridge Fire Show

Most of the places to watch the Dragon Bridge Fire Show are completely free and I will start with those first.

You can also watch the show from one of the bars strategically positioned to provide a cool view of the bridge or even from a boat underneath the bridge!

1. On the bridge itself (BEST)

At about 20:45 all traffic on both sides of the bridge is stopped and the lanes quickly fill up with viewers. The absolute best spot to watch the fireballs is on the left or right side of the dragon, around 100 meters from its head.

There you’ll have the best views and also you won’t get wet during the water phase.

Other places on the east side of the bridge are also fine, but unless you’re in for a shower, stay well away from the dragon’s head.

Well, I stood too close and got absolutely drenched during the water phase!

2. On Tran Hung Dao Street (2nd Best)

Tran Hung Dao is the street on the east end of the bridge. It is the second-best free spot to watch the fire show. It’s a little further from the action which lets you appreciate the whole Dragon Bridge.

Moreover, there’s no chance to get wet.

Take a spot on one of the platforms just off the bridge on the left or the right. You can’t miss them. Alternatively, find a sidewalk bar that has chairs (those tiny Vietnamese chairs, you know) out in front and have a drink during the show.

3. On Bach Dang Street (Other side, ergo far)

Bach Dang is the street on the west end of the Dragon Bridge. Since it is closer to the tail of the dragon and the bridge is more than half a kilometer, it is not an ideal spot to watch the show.

Nevertheless, Bach Dang has a pedestrian promenade and is less popular. This makes it an acceptable location if you don’t necessarily need to feel the heat of the fire on your face.

Dragon Bridge at night
Dragon Bridge at night from Bach Dang Street

4. From one of the two closest bridges (Better for daylight pics)

The closest bridge to the north is Cầu Sông Hàn and the closest bridge to the south is Nguyen Van Troi Walking Bridge. Both a worth a visit on their own, but to be honest, they are just way too far to watch the fire show. You’ll see it, but it’ll be tiny.

Nonetheless, these two bridges present a good opportunity to see the Dragon Bridge in full and take an awesome picture for Instagram!

5. On a boat (A fancier alternative)

A classier way to watch the Dragon Bridge Fire Show is from under it!

No, don’t jump in the river, I’m talking about hopping on one of those boats that are well-timed to bring you to the bridge right on time for the show.

There are some pretty cheap tours on Viator for as little as 6$.

Boats on the Han River in Da Nang
You can sail around in one of those boats for the Dragon Bridge Fire Show

6. From a bar above (the classy way)

There are a bunch of strategically located rooftop bars in the area around the Dragon Bridge. Here’s a list of them ordered by distance from the Dragon Bridge Fire Show.

  • Lagoon Rooftop Bar
  • ICON – Sky Lounge
  • Vanda Hotel’s Top Bar (This one’s right at the tail, so visibility is limited)
  • Green Plaza Hotel’s Rooftop Coffee
  • Haian Riverfront Hotel’s Rooftop Bar
  • Brilliant Hotel’s Top Bar

What to do after the Dragon Bridge Fire Show ends?

The show ends at 21:15. The night is still young! Before heading for some of Da Nang’s world-famous nightlife, why not check out the Chợ Đêm Sơn Trà Night Market?

The Chợ Đêm Sơn Trà is located only meters away from the Dragon’s head and offers so many different food options and typical Vietnamese snacks! Oh man, I love night markets!

Try some of the seafood as it’s one of the best in Vietnam and probably in the world too!

Seafood at Chợ Đêm Sơn Trà Night Market
They’ll cook the lobster on the spot at the night market!

Have an awesome time in Da Nang and feel the heat of the Dragon Bridge Fire Show!

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