I was in Armenia between the 8th and 15th of October 2022. The currency in Armenia is Dram and prices are relatively cheap. As a backpacker, you need between 15 and 35 euros per day for Armenia.


Accommodation in hostels varies between 10 euro and 16 euro – the minimum and maximum I paid. I paid for 8 nights in hostels.

Total accommodation cost came to around 99 euro making the average 12.4 euro per night.


Food is also pretty cheap in Armenia.

Shawarmas are readily sold on the street for between 3 and 5 euro and there are nice restaurants in the bigger cities, especially Yerevan and Gyumri.

In total, I spent 57 euro making the average 7.12 euro per day.


For transport, I mainly used public buses. To some of the places I hitchhiked, as there were no reliable buses and hitching rides is easy in Armenia.

In total, I paid 26 euro for transport, including the bus back to Georgia, which was the bulk of the costs at 15 euro.

The average daily cost comes out to 3.25 euro.

Hitchhiking is a very fun experience in Armenia!


For travel insurance, I use a company called Safety Wings, which provides a subscription model insurance, best suited for young people (as the price is understandably lower).

It costs 42 dollars for 4 weeks, so 8 days are ~12 euro or 1.5 euro per day.

Culture and Activities

There aren’t that many museums to visit in Armenia.

I paid for the National Museum and entrance to the Symphony of Stones (which saved me the entrance fee for Garni Temple, as I entered from the back) and an art gallery in Gyumri.

The Armenian Genocide Museum, which I strongly recommend, is free to enter.

In total, I paid just 5.6 euro for the three tickets. The average cost per day comes to 0.75 euro.

Budget for Armenia
The Armenian National History Museum


Everything else not covered above I consider incidental expenses. I needed a new towel and a present for my Couchsurfing host back in Georgia.

In total 19 euro or average per day: 2.38 euro.

A Backpacker’s Budget for Armenia

Accommodation99 euro
Food57 euro
Transport26 euro
Travel Insurance12 euro
Culture6 euro
Other19 euro
TOTAL219 euro
Expenses for 8 days in Armenia

In total, I spent 219 euro for 8 days, which makes the average 27.37 euro per day.